Top 10 Unique Ways How to Lehenga Wear

With so many weddings and gatherings to attend all of the time, it takes some real thinking and work to style oneself differently for each one. How can we make our favourite wedding dress, the lehenga choli, seem different every time we put it on?
Not everyone has the financial means to invest on a variety of outfits for various occasions. So, what can we do with our lehengas differently now? Of course, we’re accessorising with various accessories and draping our dupattas in a variety of ways! To make things easier, we’ve put together a list of uncomplicated lehenga dupatta draping designs that are currently popular:

Draping Styles for Lehenga Dupattas:

1. Dupatta Draped in Saree Style

Dupatta Draped in Saree StyleDrape your lehenga dupatta like a half saree and wear your favourite lehengas to look your most stunning!

2. Dupatta Over One Shoulder

Dupatta Over One ShoulderIf you don’t want to show off your net dupatta, draping it diagonally on one shoulder in the front and then pinning it to the back of your skirt, making triangular pleats at the bottom, is a terrific option. You can add a waistbelt for a more fashionable look!

3. Dupatta Draped in a Triangle

Dupatta Draped in a TriangleDupattas draped around the torso with a V or U shaped front also look stunning

4. Dupatta Draped Open Over One Shoulder

Dupatta Draped Open Over One ShoulderWe adore the grand effect of this open drape on one shoulder that crosses over to the other side wrist!

5. Dupatta Draped Like a Cape

Dupatta Draped Like a CapeDrape your dupatta over both shoulders like a cape from behind. Right now, it’s all the rage! Celebrities like Sonam Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor favour this look.

6. Dupatta Falling Straight from One Shoulder

Dupatta Falling Straight from One ShoulderThis is yet another all-time fave! This sort of dupatta draping will make you feel like a prince.

7. Dupatta in Thin Pleats Draped

Dupatta in Thin Pleats DrapedOn the majority of lehenga patterns, thin pleats seem really attractive. Try it out at your next family gathering or wedding. You’ll undoubtedly receive numerous compliments.

8. One-Shoulder Pleated Dupatta

One-Shoulder Pleated DupattaIt’s a simple draping approach, yet it’s very gorgeous and exquisite! To achieve a Gujarati-style dupatta, leave your pleats open at the bottom or shorten the length of your dupatta cloth at the front.

9. Dupatta Draped Open Over One Arm

Dupatta Draped Open Over One ArmDuring the winter months, this beautiful drape will keep you warm and cosy. Don’t be afraid to try it; it appears to be really unique and classy!

10. Dupatta Draped in Front with Cowl Gather

Dupatta Draped Open Over One ArmWith lehenga dupattas, cow gathers seem really feminine and lovely. Ideal for individuals who prefer to be a little more covered.

There are different clothing which ladies wear and the decision of clothing relies upon the area, mind-set and so on.

A lady has the choice to browse a wide range of wonderful kinds of clothing one can wear yet the one which is enjoyed by the greater part of the ladies is the Lehnga Choli.

There are various sorts and styles which are accessible in this and one can pick according to one’s own decision.

There are different fashioners which make the lovely and exquisite lehenga brand name and sell them under their name as a brand.

Then again, a portion of the brands are likewise accessible in the market which makes lovely planner lehngas.

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