Top 10 Ethnic Wear Brands in India

Indian traditional apparel helps you look completely desi and provides a refreshing change from the usual trousers and tees. Traditional attire for men and women is made by a plethora of well-known and reliable manufacturers. We’ve prepared a list of the greatest women’s ethnic clothing brands accessible in India in this post. These women’s traditional wear firms create pieces such as traditional, salwar kameez, kurtas, kurtis, fusion wear, and accessories and footwear in addition to the clothes.

List of Women’s Ethnic Wear Brands in India

1. Biba

BibaBiba is a highly specialised women’s ethnic wear brand that offers everything from traditional kurtas to salwar suits. The product quality is excellent, and the prices are reasonable. They are made of decent fabric and have a simple and comfy flavour. Biba now has an online store with a large selection of indoor-western and ethnic clothing. Biba clothing may be found on most of the major online shopping sites, including Myntra, Jabong, and Amazon.

2. Fab India

Fab IndiaFab India is a well-known Indian clothing brand. They mainly make their clothes out of Indian materials like silk, cotton, and jute. The quality of these textiles is excellent, and the pattern is breathtaking. People who love a simple yet exquisite style would prefer to buy from this label. This brand is known for its simple Salwar kurtas and kurtas that are representative of Indian dress.

3 .Libas

libasIn India, Libas is a fairly well-known brand. Every lady, regardless of her shape, size, or preference, can find ethnic dress in their inventory. Color and pattern are important factors in attracting customers to this brand. They have a variety of Kurtis and suit sets to test on, from from short to long, floral to simple. Their fabric quality and stitching are quite comfortable on the human body.

4. Lifestyle

lifestyleThis brand offers a large selection of professional and formal clothing. Their ethnic selection is suitable for conferences and meetings as well as parties and ceremonies. They have richly adorned and low-embroidered traditional attire that is appropriate for all situations. The collection is vibrant and well-designed, enhancing your personal style and appearance on a daily basis.

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5. W (Woman)

W (Woman)This brand gives you a simple yet elegant appearance. The ethnic assortment consists of a fashionable printed kurta with a slit rather than elaborate embroidered or decorated lehengas. Everything, from the design to the fabric, is geared toward creating a youthful atmosphere. The textiles are silky and come in a variety of designs and colours.

6. Ritu Kumar

This is a well-known name in the glamour industry. The Ritu Kumar line is distinct in its elegance and displays women’s real attractiveness. This label offers a diverse range of ethnic attire that is not only unique but also fashionable. Fusion clothing comes in a variety of styles and designs, each with a distinct season feel.

7. Global Desi
Mrs. Anita Dongre, one of India’s most well-known fashion designers, owns this company. This is an internet buying site with a large selection of intriguing clothing. This brand, which is based on the blending of fundamental Desi, may meet all of your needs depending on the occasion. Global desi is full of variety and charm, with its brilliant colours and unusual block designs. This is a great women’s brand for traditional clothes for occasions such as Diwali, Eid, and Indian festivities and customs.

8. Soch


You may not be familiar with this name, yet it is a popular and affordable ethnic wear brand in india. This brand’s adventure began in Bangalore in 2005, and since then, it has never looked back. From pastels to warm tones, they have a wide range of colour collections in their store and online.

9. Shree


Shree is an ethnic Indian clothing company that is inspired by the modern Indian woman, who embodies the perfect blend of confidence, bravery, grace, charm, and an almost ethereal sense of sensitivity. Its products will make you look both attractive and fashionable.

10. Rangriti

RangritiThis brand provides excellent value for money. Their price range begins at INR 299/-. The colour contrasts and design were mostly picked with today’s generation and rapidly changing fashion trends in mind.

Each lady can test their collection because they have a wide range of colour, pattern, and silhouette combinations. Rangriti is also known for their kurta collection for women in their early thirties. These are the top ethnic clothing brands for Indian ladies, both online and in their own stores in India.

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